Welcome to Identity + Branding

In this class, you will take skills you started to hone in earlier classes (Intro to GD = icons, packaging; Color in Design; Visualizing Complexity = analyzing information, systems; Intro to Type = letterforms; Intermediate Type = grids and hierarchy; Web Type = web design) and pull it all together in a semester-long project that asks you to research, write, document, create.

Throughout the semester we’ll also address the issue of communication design (who is your audience, what is your message?), interactivity (how will your audience interact with the product, the packaging, the place where the product is sold, the web site for the product?), process, and the visual representation of an idea across multiple elements in the system.

The course work for this class includes the following:

  • Defining a product
  • Researching how designers brand products
  • Creating a profile for your product
  • Exploring ideas for branding
  • Developing a logo
  • Refining and presenting a branding system
  • Applying the branding system to packaging, a site specific display,
    a responsive web site
  • Documenting your process
  • Documenting the branding system

The course work for this class is intensive. You are preparing for advanced study in
your field. Be prepared to work hard. To read, think, write, sketch, discuss, and revise.